Our Mobile Shop "Dottie" 
Look for the White Trailer with Blue Dots! 

Both our brick and mortar shop and mobile shop stock an assortment of baby and toddler food, new and gently-used baby and toddler clothes and developmentally-appropriate toys. Clients may select up to two days worth of food, diapers, and clothing every two weeks, along with a few toy and children's books. Child development and parenting books are available, as well.

These items are provided at no charge to our clients. Eligibility is based on the honor system.

If a client needs a larger item, such as a crib, car seat, or stroller, she may make a request and we will do our best to find the item for her family and will deliver it if we are able to obtain it. In addition, if a family needs emergency food or diapers and does not have transportation to one of our locations, we will deliver the needed items.

Our Shop 
2220 Morattico Rd, Lancaster, VA

Our Shop Hours

Our current focus is in Lancaster and Northumberland Counties.